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Undergraduate Accounts

Undergraduate Expenses 2022-2023

Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term Annual Total
Educational Expenses
Tuition $19,493 $19,493 $19,493 $58,479
Student Fees $795 $795 $795 $2,385
Room (On Campus) $3,605 $3,605 $3,605 $10,815
Board $2,597 $2,597 $2,597 $7,791
Sub-Total $26,490 $26,490 $26,490 $79,470
Other Related Expenses
General Deposit (refundable at separation) $100 - - $100
Orientation Fee - 1st Year Students Only $500 - - $500
Health Insurance $1,417 $1,417 $1,417 $4,251
Dental Insurance $135 - - $135
Vision Insurance $31.80 - - $31.80
Total All $28,673.80 $27,907 $27,907 $84,487.80

Tuition Payment

For all undergraduate students, tuition and fees are charged to the Student Bursar's Account approximately 30 days before the beginning of each term. Payment for tuition, fees, room and board, is due on the first day of each term: September 27, 2022; January 4, 2023; and April 3, 2023. In addition, all other charges on the account, such as laundry, library fees, etc. are due net 30 days.

If tuition is being paid by a Third Party agency, an anticipated payment will be applied to the student account to reduce the amount that is owed. If the agency does not remit payment for tuition by the end of the second term, the payment will be reversed from the account and the student will be responsible for the unpaid balance. An unpaid balance will result in a diploma or registration hold.

Online Bill

Student bills are available online after the 10th of each month. Students may log into access.caltech.edu and select the "Bursar Billing and Payment (Transact)" link to view, print, or pay their bills. Authorized users may log into the Transact website at Authorized Users Transact

Adding Authorized Users

Students may add their parents or other authorized users to their Transact account. To do so, click here Transact for instructions on the second page. Once added, the authorized user will receive an email from Transact containing their temporary password, login ID, and a link to the Transact log in site.

Payment Plan Option - Transact

Our partner Transact will be handling payment plans. With this option you may pay your balance (after financial aid, if applicable) in three monthly installments with the last payment due before next terms registration date. Below you will find the open and close enrollment dates, due dates, rates for the Payment Plan Option, and additional information:

Payment Plan Enrollment Dates

Term Open Enrollment Dates Enrollment Close Dates
Fall 9/12/2022 9/25/2022
Winter 12/12/2022 12/25/2022
Spring 3/13/2023 3/25/2023

Payment Plan Enrollment Fees

Enrollment Fee per Term Late Fee NSF Fee
$35.00 $10.00 $15.00

Payment Plan Due Dates

Term Bill Date 1st Payment Due 2nd Payment Due 3rd Payment Due Registration Hold Registration
Fall 9/10/2022 9/10/2022 or date of enrollment 10/11/2022 11/11/2022 11/16/2022 WI 11/17/2022
Winter 12/10/2022 12/12/2022 or date of enrollment 1/09/2023 2/09/2023 2/22/2023 SP 2/23/2023
Spring 3/10/2023 3/13/2023 or date of enrollment 4/09/2023 5/09/2023 5/24/2023 FA 5/25/2023

  • Student Financial Aid amounts should be factored into the balance calculation
  • The total budget amount will not be recalculated if the students balance increases or decreases
  • Students are allowed to adjust their plan amount
  • Student cannot enroll in a new plan until they complete their existing plan
  • Students cannot enroll in more than one plan per term
  • Parents/Authorized Users can enroll a student in a plan
  • There will be a payment calculator for students to determine the budget amount of the plan (optional)
  • If enrolling late in a plan, students are required to pay off any missed installments before enrolling in the plan
  • Electronic signature is required: Student UID
  • Students can enroll in Automatic Payments for their Payment Plans
  • Payment Plan Summary will be displayed on student account for 6 months, then deleted.

529 Payments - Transact

529 Payments (many 529 payment plans can be used to make a payment in Transact, but not all 529 vendors and/or plans are currently supported. Transact charges a service fee of $10.00. Please note your 529 vendor may also assess a service fee.