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Undergraduate Accounts

AY 2017-2018 Pre-Bill

All undergraduate students will receive a Pre-Bill on July 25, 2017. The Pre-Bill may be viewed by logging into and selecting the "My Student Documents" link. The Pre-Bill is an estimate of upcoming Caltech charges as well as any pending financial aid awards.

AY 2017-2018 Billing Due Dates

AY 2017-2018 Tuition & Fees Due Dates: Fall 9/25/17, Winter 1/3/18, Spring 4/2/18

The tuition and fees is due in full before the first day of class unless you enroll in the Direct Cost Three Payment Plan through the Bursar’s Office. The fee to enroll in the plan is $25.00 per term. Enrolment in the Direct Cost Three Payment Plan must be completed by August 10, 2017 for the AY 2017-2018 school year. (The payment plan enrollment form will be available in the Pre-Bill Packet on July 25, 2017.) See due dates for payment plan below:



AY 2016-2017

Tuition Payment

For all undergraduate students, tuition and fees are charged to the Student Bursar’s Account approximately 30 days before the beginning of each term. Payment for tuition, fees, room and board, is due on the first day of each term: September 26, 2016; January 4, 2017; and April 3, 2017. In addition, all other charges on the account, such as laundry, library fees, etc. are due net 30 days.

Online Bill

Student bills are available online after the 10th of each month. Students may log into and select the "Bursar Billing and Payment CASHNet" link to view, print, or pay their bills. Authorized users may log into the CASHNet website at

Adding Authorized Users

Students may add their parents or other authorized users to their CASHNet account by scrolling to the bottom of the CASHNet homepage, selecting "Add Payee," and entering an email address for the person that they would like to add. Once added, the authorized user will receive an email from CASHNet containing a link and a login passcode.

Undergraduate Expenses 2016-17

  Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term Annual Total
Educational Expenses
Tuition $15,282 $15,282 $15,282 $45,846
Student Fees $577 $577 $577 $1,731
Room (On Campus) $2,638 $2,638 $2,638 $7,914
Board $2,062 $2,062 $2,062 $6,186
Sub-Total $20,559 $20,559 $20,559 $61,677
 Other Related Expenses
General Deposit
(refundable at separation) 
$100 - - $100
Orientation Fee $500 - - $500
Health Insurance $824 $824 $824 $2,472
Dental Insurance $112 - - $112
Vision Insurance $31.20 - - $31.20
Total All $22,126.20 $21,383  $21,383  $64,892.20 

Please Note

Students enrolled Fall 2012 academic term or later will be billed for 12 terms of tuition regardless of underloading.

If a student is enrolled prior to Fall 2012 academic term and chooses to underload, there is a minimum 10 unit charge and the student fee charge.