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Graduate Student Accounts

Tuition Payment

For graduate students who are responsible for full or partial payment of thier tuition and fees, payment is due at the beginning of each term: Fall (10/1/2019), Winter (1/6/2020), and Spring (3/30/2020). In addition, for all graduate students, charges on the account such as housing, dining, etc. are due net 30 days.

If tuition is being paid by a Third Party agency, an anticipated payment will be applied to the student account to reduce the amount that is owed. If the agency does not remit payment for tuition by the end of the second term, the payment will be reversed from the account and the student will be responsible for the unpaid balance. An unpaid balance will result in a diploma or registration hold.

Online Bill Payment

Student bills are available online after the 10th of each month. Students may log into and select the "Bursar Billing and Payment CASHNet" link to view, print, or pay their bills.

For convenience, students may set up recurring payments on CASHNet. To do so:

  1. Log into CASHNet.
  2. On the right-hand side of the homepage about half way down select the link "My Recurring Auto Payments" in blue font in the Auto Payments box.
  3. When you select the link you will be given a choice to select how long you would like the recurring payment to last. Once you make a selection by clicking on the GO button, complete the parameters for what day of the month you would like to pay, and for how much you would like to pay.
  4. Once you have completed the parameters, confirm your email address and select continue.
  5. On the following screen, you will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions, and then continue.
  6. The next screen will confirm that you will use an electronic check method (ACH) for payment.
  7. You will continue to complete your account information and then confirm the payment.

Graduate Student Expenses 2019-20

  Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term Annual Total
Educational Expenses
Tuition $17,502 $17,502 $17,502 $52,506
Student Fees $677 $677 $677 $2,031
Sub-Total $18,179 $18,179 $18,179 $54,537
 Other Related Expenses
General Deposit
(refundable at separation) 
$100 - - $100
Health Insurance $182 $182 $182 $546
Dental Insurance $128.68 - - $128.68
Vision Insurance $31.20     $31.20
Total All $18,620.88 $18,361 $18,361 $55,342.88


Please visit the Housing Office website for information.